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Covid-19 Update

Delta Potters Association Safety Plan will continue to follow the City of Delta’s Safety Plan as it aims to limit transmission to protect people and prevent further spread of the virus. It sets out what measures will be taken in the Delta Potters studio to slow the spread of COVID-19.

As of the March 2022 meeting, the mask mandate has been lifted and we are no longer required to wear a mask while in the studio. The capacity in the studio has already been increased. There was a recommendation that you not eat in the studio but this is entirely the members choice and eating will be allowed (cookies and coffee at meetings as well). The sign up on the website will continue but the spots will increase to 2 people in the glaze room, 9 people on the wheels and 2 people per table.  There are currently no restrictions on numbers coming into the club for sales etc.  This is subject to change at any time with any new public guidelines.

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