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Leslie Stovall
Dec 23, 2021
In Glaze
I thought members might like to see an interesting experiment that Robin had us do earlier this year in her glaze class. She had us pick two glaze colours and two bisqued pieces. On one, we dipped both glazes. On the other, we sprayed both colours. The difference was incredible. It could well be the look was so different because I chose floating blue as one of my colours and that glaze varies tremendously depending on how thickly it is applied. It can be greenish on white clay if it is thin, or baby blue if it is really thick. Dipped Raspberry rim over Floating Blue on 370 white clay Sprayed Raspberry rim over Floating Blue on 370 white clay. (Note that I sprayed less and less glaze as I neared the bottom of the pot...almost none at the very bottom. That wasn't intentional. I'm just a rookie at spraying. But I love the look!)
Dipping versus spraying glaze. content media

Leslie Stovall

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